John Allen Akkerman

Circumstances of Disappearance: Akkerman’s cab was found abandoned at the intersection of 5th Ave & Madison midway thru his shift. He told his dispatcher he was taking a man to Spokane Valley. The dispatcher never heard from Akkerman again. Cab he drove was left at intersection, parked at an unusual angle.

Physical Description

Hair Color Brown
Description–Facial Hair Description Long sideburns and mustache
Eye Color Hazel
Description Wears glasses with brown plastic frame

Distinctive Physical Features
Scar/mark Vertical 6″ scar just above navel, slants past navel for a couple of more inches. Tattoo: Heart tattoo w/flames on inside forearm ‘AJ’ inside it; Lightning bolt on right side of heart; heart w/sword through it on left shoulder, name blacked out

Other distinctive physical characteristic:
Birthmark on head of penis

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