Julie Ann Weflen

Circumstances of Disappearance
Weflen went missing northwest of Spokane on September 16, 1987.
At the time she worked as an operator for the Bonneville Power Administration. Her duties included energizing and de-energizing power equipment, reading meters and keeping transformers powered up. She left work to see to one of the transformers at the substation.

Weflen disappeared about 3:30 p.m. from the substation near where Four Mound and Coulee Hite roads meet, northwest of Spokane.

Her hard hat and toolbox, a water bottle and a pair of sunglasses lay on the ground next to the truck. Her purse was still in the work rig. The truck’s driver-side door and back hatch were open. Gravel showed signs of a struggle, including what appeared to be drag marks. A fresh tire pattern, not belonging to Weflen’s vehicle, was found near the substation.

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