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Monday, July 26, 2021

Spokaneexclusive membership

Get your 2020 Spokane News Membership Program card now! Support SN by becoming a member. As an added benefit your card will get you Exclusive Deals from local area businesses and more. These are not One time use offers, these Exclusive Deals are good for all of 2020! Get your Membership Card and show support for Spokane News.

Your personalized card is good for all of 2020 and only $10. Members keep the same member number when renewing for 2020. The Membership program and offers began in 2015. If you Like Spokane News and want to show your support, get your 2020 Membership card today. Collect them all, new card design each year. Check out the awesome businesses that have joined by providing exclusive offers to all Spokane News members. Click Buy Now to get your card or call or text (509) 475-2901 for more information. Email any questions to Jay@Spokane-News.com. Spokane News 2020 Membership Program has exclusive offers to all card holders.

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Uniforms N More

20% Off all Shoes and all Accessories. Must show Membership Card to receive exclusive Offer. Member since 2015.

Total Security Inc.

$79 Installation Fee Waived see the exclusive deal HERE. Must show Membership Card to receive exclusive Offers. Member since 2015.

ZipperZ on Garland

15% Off all purchases. Must show Membership Card to receive exclusive Offer. Member since 2015.

Perfection Tire North Side

$19.99 Oil Change includes up to 5 quarts of oil and a filter. Diesel and Synthetic not included but for Diesel and Synthetic save $15.00 off.

R.S. Recycling

5 cents more per pound on Aluminum can recycling. Other exclusive recycling more money per pound offers included but due to the Market these exclusive offers very at the time of recycling.

Pizza Rita

FREE PIZZA, when any pizza of equal or greater value is purchased at regular price or 50% OFF Any Regular Priced Pizza.

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