10th and Maple Shots Fired at SPD Update


On Monday night Officers from the Spokane Police Department attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle around 10th and Maple. While trying to make the traffic stop there was a collision between the suspect and a Police car. Moments later, shots rang out from the suspect vehicle into the Police vehicle. The suspect drove of at high speeds. The Officer was not able to pursue due to the damage done to his vehicle. After a several hours long search, the suspect was located and arrested.

On August 12th, 2019 just before midnight, Officers attempted to stop a vehicle which they believed contained a male (28 year old Jordan G. Brown) who had a felony warrant for his arrest. As Officers closed in on the vehicle, there was a collision between the suspect car and the Police car. Moments later, Brown shot numerous rounds from inside his vehicle at the Police vehicle. Brown’s vehicle then fled at a high rate of speed. The Police vehicle was disabled a short time later due to the damage is suffered from the collision. The Police vehicle was struck by 3 bullets. One in the front driver side tire, one in the driver side door and one next to the rear tire. The Officer was not hurt.

There was large perimeter set up that went from Maple to Monroe and from 7th south to 14th. The area was searched with members of the SWAT team, a K-9 unit and Air 2. This was a very labor intensive search due to the large area, and required a lot of resources. Spokane Sheriff’s Office and City of Spokane Valley Police assisted as well.

After several hours we received information that Brown was at a different location on the east side of the south hill. Officers located Brown in a vehicle around 5th and Thor. During this traffic stop Brown was safely taken into custody. Brown will be booked into the County Jail for his warrant and for a new charge of 1st degree assault on an Officer. More charges may be pending in the future.

Brown’s vehicle was seized pending a search warrant for evidence, including the firearm used in the assault. All roads are back open now.

Brown’s criminal convictions include Theft 2nd degree (X2) and 5 misdemeanors which include trespassing, prescription drug possession and malicious mischief. He has drug convictions out of Idaho.

Cpl Van Tassel

Spokane Police Department

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