2100 East 5th SWAT Situation Update


Spokane Police Anti-Crime Team working with Safe Streets Task Force arrest multiple time convicted felons and seized multiple firearms out of a nuisance residence.

On 08/01/2018 The Spokane Police Anti-Crime Team (PACT) received information from Safe Street Task Force that wanted subject Derick D. Arias was hiding out on the 2100 block of E 5th Ave in Spokane. Derick was wanted on a Department of Corrections Felony warrant for Escape with original Charge of Attempted Robbery 1st Degree. Derick is a multiple time convicted felon and has a violent criminal history.

PACT members performed surveillance on the residence and later contacted the renter of the property Karen M. Orona on a traffic stop which yielded Methamphetamine and Heroin after leaving the residence. Karen is also a multiple time convicted felon with a lengthy criminal history. Karen refused to say if Derick was at her residence. Karen was placed under arrest for two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance.

PACT members later contacted another female leaving the residence who was identified as Nicole D. Arias who is the sister of Derick. Nicole had an outstanding Department of Corrections Felony warrant for Theft of a Motor Vehicle and misdemeanor warrant for Assault 4th which she was placed under arrest for.

It was then confirmed through further investigation that Derick was inside of the residence. Due to Derick’s violent history, SWAT and K9 members were called to assist in safely apprehending Derick. SWAT and K9 members surrounded the residence and made verbal announcements that Derick was

under arrest and for him to exit the residence peacefully. After several announcements, Derick exited and was taken into custody without incident.

PACT was granted a search warrant into the residence and located Methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and several guns to include two assault rifles, a hunting rifle, two handguns and body armor. Due to both Karen and Derick being convicted felons, they are not allowed to handle, store and otherwise be in possession of firearms and/or ammunition. Both Karen and Derick were additionally charged with Unlawful Possession of Firearms 1st Degree.

This is a great example of the combined efforts of PACT, Safe Street Task Force, SWAT and K9 members in the continuance of keeping drugs and unlawful possessions of firearms out of the hands of criminals to keep Spokane safe.

Officer W. Brooks #1190

Spokane Police Department

PACT (Patrol Anti-Crime Team)

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