5 Female Graffiti Suspects Caught in the act and flee


The Spokane Police responded to the Shadle Park neighborhood early Saturday morning reference a malicious mischief report. Officers observed five people in the middle of the street spray painting the street. All five ran when Police arrived on scene. Four of the five were detained and arrested.  The fifth person was identified. There were similarities between this incident and some of the other graffiti incidents in the Shadle Park neighborhood in the past few days and more charges may be pending in the future.

In the early morning hours of May 11th an alert neighbor called 911 reporting that several people were in the intersection of Columbia and Cochran and they were spray painting the street. Over the past several days the Shadle Park area had been plagued with graffiti and damage to vehicle’s.

When Officers arrived onscene they witnessed 5 juvenile females in the intersection spray painting the ground. 5 of them ran through Loma Vista Park. After a brief foot pursuit, 4 females between the ages of 15 and 16 were detained. The female who got away was identified.

The street had numerous graffiti marks on it which consumed half the intersection, this included some obscene pictures. Left behind at the scene were also several cans of spray paint and Marijuana.

Photographs were taken of the graffiti to match it up to other graffiti in the Shadle neighborhood. Additional charges could be pending during this ongoing investigation.

The females were arrested for charges ranging from Malicious mischief, Obstructing and possession of Marijuana. Due to their age, Spokane Police Department is not going to release the names of the juveniles.

Cpl Van Tassel
Spokane Police Department

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