ASK AVISTA Social Hour on Spokane News


ASK AVISTA Social Hour on Spokane News Facebook Page 11/30/17 at 12pm



·         Winter Heating Season


·         November 30, 2017. Noon-1:00pm


·         Ask questions and get answers direct from Avista. Winter Heating Season is here and Customers can ask question on our Spokane News Facebook Post, Avista answers within comments of post. This predicted to include: Saving Energy; Energy Saving Tips/Advise; DIY; How can I; Bill Pay Support Services; Payment Options; Bill Questions; Winter Operations.

·         For privacy reasons, Avista will not be able to look at or take any actions on any customers’ specific account through this open forum.

·         Avista will answer as many questions as possible during this time frame with the possibility after the hour to go back and follow up on some that were missed or elaborate more.

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