Blankets for those in need! Spokane News Blanket Drive!


Blanket Drive 2014

Spokane News often tries to help out as much as we possibly can and we enjoy helping those in need. We are seeking your help to further our goal of providing blankets for those in need this cold season. Please drop off new or clean used blankets including any winter jackets or other cold weather clothing to 2030 N. Hamilton. All items will be given to those in need.

As the cold weather comes in, we head out in the evening and locate as many as we can who are less fortunate and find themselves sleeping outdoors. We also have a steady stream of people in need walking by our Headquarters. It is surprising the number of people located in the after hours with no place to go. We won’t judge a person for their status, our goal is to provide materials (jacket, blanket and often a sack meal) in hope to better their chances of survival. It is great knowing someone has a chance to stay warmer, using someone’s unneeded items. The gift of giving is awesome.

We have never asked for items like this and if you can drop them off, awesome, but if not we will continue to do as we do.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions you can reach me at 475-2901.

Jay with Spokane News.




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