Carpenter Road Fire Update From: Oregon IMT 3


“Wednesday, September 2, 2015, PM
Carpenter Road Fire Update
From:Oregon IMT 3
Current Situation:

The Carpenter Road Fire is estimated at 64,903 acres and 45% containment.

Unseasonably cool weather conditions have slowed the Carpenter Road Fire expansion and allowed firefighters to make significant progress on containment. Perimeters where indirect containment lines were constructed are being reworked to construct line closer to the fire’s edge to reduce the burned acreage footprint.

The southwest, south and southeast flanks of the fire are in various stages of mop-up and patrol. Impacts from suppression efforts are being documented and repaired to agency standards. Hand held infra-red heat detection devices are being utilized along these flanks to locate heat sources for mop-up. Direct and indirect dozer line has been constructed on the north end and will be improved to secure the fires edge. Opportunities to use existing logging roads for more direct line construction are being evaluated. Point protection is being provided for the Stensgar Communication site and other infrastructure in the fire area.

Aerial assets remain at the ready to assist firefighters with bucket drops to cool hot spots. Snag falling operation along the Springdale-Hunters Road was completed today. Cleanup efforts will continue in order to open this road as soon as possible for safe public passage.

Closures and Evacuation Information:
For evacuation and road closure information:
Stevens County EOC: 509 684-7598 or
Spokane Tribal Police: 509 258-4400

Resources Assigned:
856 personnel (total)
23 crews
4 helicopters
64 engines (wildland and structural)
Heavy equipment-27 Dozers; 22 Water Tenders; 3 Masticators

With bow hunting season opening, hunters and recreationalists using private and public lands should use caution while enjoying the outdoors. The recent precipitation has done little to alleviate the extreme drought conditions occurring in northeastern Washington. The winds will quickly dry light fuels to where any type of spark or flame may ignite a wildfire. Please follow local fire restrictions and remain mindful of fire prevention. The Industrial Fire Protection Level remains at a Level IV.

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