East Ermina and North Cincinnati Stabbing Update


On Wednesday evening Spokane Police Officers responded to the Logan neighborhood for a stabbing. Two males got into a verbal confrontation in the street. This confrontation escalated to the point where one of the males was stabbed several times, resulting in life threatening injuries. The suspect was later arrested for the assault and booked into jail.

On June 5, 2019 Officers responded to Cincinnati and Ermina for an assault. The confrontation involved the 38 year old victim and the 30 year old suspect, Danny Glanville. The victim’s car had broken down outside Glanville’s residence and he was waiting for a tow truck. The two argued over some trash that was left in the street. Both males had alleged an assault against the other. There was no evidence of an assault and there were no independent witnesses. Officers documented the incident and advised the males to leave each other alone while the tow truck was responding.

A little over an hour later a 911 call came in at the same location that somebody had been stabbed.  Officers were on scene quickly and detained Glanville. The victim had several stab wounds in his side and he was bleeding heavily. Officers were able to apply emergency trauma medical treatment to the victim. Medics from the Fire Department and AMR arrived, treated the victim and transported him to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

Officers stayed on scene for some time trying to determine the cause of the assault and the circumstances around it. After an investigation Officers believe that the two males got into another verbal confrontation. This again escalated into a physical fight and during that fight, Glanville stabbed the victim several times. Glanville was arrested for 1st degree assault and later booked into jail.

There were several statements made by the males involved in the incident. Officers are asking that if you witnessed the incident or you live in the area and have surveillance video on your residence, to call Crime Check at 456-2233. Reference report number 2019-20102914

Cpl Van Tassel
Spokane Police Department

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