Fake Driveway Repairman Scam Suspect


Do You Know this Male?  Photo of suspected “Driveway Repairman”


Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Task Force Detective Mark Smoldt obtained this photo of the man suspected of scamming people by promising to repair their driveways, receiving payment, and never returning to complete the work as promised. 


If you can help identify the male in this picture, please call Detective Smoldt at 509-477-3193. 


Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Task Force Detective Mark Smoldt is attempting to locate and confirm the identity of a person who reportedly is scamming homeowners.  This person, using the name of “John Mark”, contacts homeowners and promises to repair their driveways.  After he receives payment for the repairs, $1,500 or more, he never completes the work.


Over the last few months, at least three victims have reported incidents where a male contacted them at their residence and asked if they would like their driveway repaired.  They male identified himself as “John Mark” and was driving a white, possibly Ford, truck.  During these contacts, he promises to make repairs and takes payment, but he never returns to do the work as promised.

Anyone who has information regarding similar incidents, can help confirm the identity of this male or provide information about this vehicle is asked to call Detective Smoldt at 509-477-3193.

Deputy Mark Gregory

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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