Homicide Suspect Duy Bui-Nguyen arrested in Seattle


Spokane Valley Detectives have been informed Duy Bui-Nguyen was located by the Seattle Police Department and safely taken into custody.  The vehicle driven by Duy Bui-Nguyen was also located and held for evidence.

Update: Spokane Valley Homicide Investigation on East Heroy

Spokane Valley Major Crimes Detectives have identified 30-year-old Duy Bui-Nguyen as a suspect in what is now considered a homicide investigation at a residence in the 13100 block of East Heroy. 

After a search warrant was obtained, Detectives and Forensic personnel entered the residence and began collecting evidence and processing the scene.

Through their investigation, Detectives were able to identify Duy Bui-Nguyen as a suspect in a violent, fatal altercation that is believed to have occurred during the late evening last night.  Bui-Nguyen was not at the residence this morning when deputies arrived.

Investigators entered the license plate of a 2004 Ford F150, Bui-Nguyen was believed to be driving into a national law enforcement database as stolen.  They learned Bui-Nguyen had been contacted by a Seattle Police Officer early this morning around 5:00 a.m., but he was released since the crime here in Spokane Valley wasn’t discovered almost 2 hours later.

Detectives believe Bui-Nguyen may still be in the Seattle area but he also stated he might travel to Colorado.

The black 2004 Ford F150 with Washington license plates B05360T has checkered yellow flames on the side.  It is unknown if Bui-Nguyen is still with the vehicle or if he is armed.

Bui-Nguyen is 5’10” and approximately 245 pounds and should be considered dangerous although it is not known if he is armed.

Anyone with information regarding Bui-Nguyen’s location, observes the noted vehicle or has information about this incident is urged to call 911.

The Spokane Medical Examiner’s Office will release the decease’s name, along with cause and manner of death, when appropriate.

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