K9 Axel Captures DV Assault Suspect


Male arrested after assaulting ex-girlfriend, and Police Officer in North Spokane. A male had assaulted his ex-girlfriend and then fled the scene prior to Police arriving. A couple hours later the suspect came back to the residence. When Police arrived he again attempted to flee the residence. In his attempt to flee, the suspect assaulted a Police Officer. After a short K-9 track he was located and taken into custody.

On September 21st, just before 5:30 pm Officers responded to a residence in the area of Mansfield and Ash. The female at the location stated that her ex-boyfriend (22 yr old Brandon Vanlanham) was at her residence assaulting her. The female stated she had a restraining order against Vanlanham, which Police confirmed. When Police arrived onscene they discovered that Vanlanham had fled the scene. The victim stated that she was assaulted and evidence on scene supported her claim. The Officers established probable cause to arrest Vanlanham.

About two hours later the victim called back and stated that Vanlanham was outside her residence. While Officers were enroute the victim stated that Vanlanham just fled the scene again. Officers set up a perimeter and attempted a K-9 track to locate Vanlanham.

During the K-9 track one of the Officers witnessed Vanlanham attempting to walk out of the perimeter. The Officer made contact with Vanlanham, who attempted to flee again. The Officer was able to grab onto Vanlanham and there was a physical confrontation. During the confrontation Vanlanham struck the Officer in the face, the Officer sustained minor injuries.

Vanlanham ran to the north and hid in the nearby neighborhood. Officers set up another perimeter and conducted another K-9 track. K-9 Axel was able to locate Vanlanham and he was taken into custody.

Since there was a restraining order in place, Vanlanham was booked into jail for a felony court order violation. He was also charged with 3rd assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, which is also a felony.

Spokane Police takes domestic violence very seriously. If you are a victim of domestic violence, please contact the police. Additional victim assistance is provided by the YMCA at 930 N Monroe St during business hours. They have a 24 hour hotline you can call at 509-326-2255.

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