Male arrested for week-long crime spree in Northeast Spokane


Male arrested for week-long crime spree in Northeast Spokane

Over the course of the last week SPD has been investigating multiple burglaries in Northeast Spokane. Homes have been broken into, and citizens have lost thousands of dollars’ worth of property.

On 06-30-18 a citizen was able to track some of her stolen property to a location in the North Central neighborhood. The observant victim saw a male carrying some of her stolen belongings, and immediately summoned police assistance.  SPD patrol officers arrived in the area and attempted to contact the male, however he immediately fled. Fleet-of-foot patrol officers were able to catch 22-year-old Chance M Holland after he ran through backyards, shed clothing, and attempted to jump fences.

Through additional investigation officers were able to attribute at least three burglary incidents to Holland. Additionally security camera footage indicated Holland had arrived to at least one of his crime scenes in a stolen car. At the time of arrest Holland was in possession of numerous stolen items, and a controlled substance. One of the stolen items recovered was a cherished wedding ring which Holland attempted to dispose of prior to being apprehended.

At the writing of this release Holland has been charged with the following criminal acts: three counts of residential burglary, one count of possession of a stolen vehicle, one count of possession of a controlled substance, one count of theft 2nd degree, six counts of possession of stolen property 2nddegree, three counts of possession of stolen property 3rd degree, and one count of obstructing a law enforcement officer. Holland is the suspect in additional criminal acts, and more charges could be forthcoming.

Few things leave people feeling more victimized than their home invaded and property stolen. SPD is thankful for the assistance we received from numerous citizens during several stages of the investigation; it allowed us to apprehend an individual who had shown no inclination of ceasing his criminal behavior. These types of collaborative efforts between police and citizens make our community safer.

Officer Nick Briggs | Patrol Team 9/SWAT/Defensive Tactics Instructor/FTO/PIO/Criminal Law instructor |

Spokane Police Department

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