Male Swinging Metal Bar at Vehicles and People Arrested


Spokane Police arrested a male after receiving reports he was trying to stab people and was running into traffic, trying to stop vehicles and hit them with a metal bar. The incident happened in the area of 6th/Browne this afternoon. Officers deployed bean bag rounds to safely take the male into custody after he failed to comply with their orders. He will be charged with count of 1st Degree Assault, one count 3rd Degree Assault, Intimidation with a Weapon, and 3rd Degree Malicious Mischief.


Just after 2:15pm today, Dec. 5th, 2015, Spokane Police officers responded to a call of a male subject who had tried to stab someone in the area of 6th/Browne.  Shortly after that, additional calls came in of the male running into traffic and trying to hit cars with a metal bar (see attached pictures). The suspect did strike an ambulance with the bar. After causing damage to a building at 6th/Browne attempting to enter that building, the suspect ran into the entrance of the 5th & Browne Medical Building. He attempted to force entry into that business, but it was locked for the weekend and officers were able to corner him.

Initially the suspect, later identified as Ronald Hevewah (48), refused to comply with officers commands. He was bleeding from injuries he obtained while swinging the bar around. He did put the bar down, but when officers started to move in, he went for it again. Officers deployed less-lethal bean bag rounds and were able to take the subject into custody without further incident. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment of the injuries sustained prior to be contacted by officers. While being transported, Hevewah continued to be uncooperative and spit on one of the ambulance medics. In all, he will be booked into Spokane County Jail for one count of 1st Degree Assault, one count 3rd Degree Assault, and the misdemeanor charges of Intimidation with a Weapon and 3rd Degree Malicious Mischief.

Ofc. Teresa Fuller| Public Information Officer| Spokane Police Department

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