Man Saved from RV Fire in Camp Hope


At 6:54 PM on Friday, May 19th, 2023, SREC Dispatch received a report of an RV on fire in Camp Hope from campers and staff. The closest Spokane Fire Department company responded and arrived within two minutes of dispatch, reporting smoke showing from a medium-sized RV in the southwest corner of the camp. Firefighters were forced to cut fencing manually to gain access to the fire, and an additional ladder company was added to assist in firefighting efforts.

The RV was searched, and the fire was extinguished in 8 minutes despite the heavy clutter and obstacles. During the investigation, it was determined that the occupant of the RV was asleep when the fire started. An observant security guard noticed the heavy smoke from the trailer and was able to open the door to rescue the adult male occupant. Both the occupant and the security guard reported seeing heavy fire above the occupant’s head that was rolling toward the rear of the trailer when they crawled out. The occupant only had seconds before a flashover of the space occurred–and most likely, both would have been killed.  

The fire was caused by an overloaded circuit being powered by a small generator. The electrical circuit had no protection to prevent a fire and was severely overloaded with appliances, chargers, and a window air conditioning unit. The damage to the RV and its contents resulted in a complete loss. There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters due to this incident. The Red Cross was contacted to assist the occupants. 

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