Moran View St Burglary Suspect Arrested


Spokane Police arrest Residential Burglary suspect from S. Moran View St. 


February 11, just before 10:00AM, Spokane Police responded to the report of a Residential Burglary in the 7000 block of S. Moran View St.  Homeowners called to advise a family member was inside the residence, who did not have permission to be there, and did not reside there.  It was reported the male suspect had been living inside the residence while the homeowner was away.  There had been a similar call to the residence in September of 2017 where the same parties had been involved.  Upon the arrival of the Spokane Police Officers, there were several indications that a single person was still inside the residence.  The suspect did not reply to any attempts to make contact through phone calls or verbal announcements.  The suspect was known to have access to existing weapons inside the residence.  Based on the suspect’s noncompliance and the danger of involved weapons, for the safety of the neighborhood, the Officers, and the suspect, Spokane Police SWAT and EDU were called to the scene to assist.  A member of the Spokane Police Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT) was already on scene and continued to make announcements and attempt verbal contact with the suspect throughout the entire incident.  A search warrant was obtained, and a door to inside the residence was breached.  After breaching the door, the suspect, 42 year old Douglas Lampi, was arrested as he climbed out of a basement window.   Neither Lampi nor any of the involved Officers were injured during today’s incident.

Lampi was transported to the Spokane County Jail where he was booked for Residential Burglary DV.  (DV because he was related to the home owners)

This is an outstanding example of how the deployment of the highly trained SWAT, EDU, and HNT Officers were utilized to bring a serious event to a peaceful resolution while protecting the safety of the community, the involved Officers, and the suspect.

Officer Joshua Laiva #1231

Spokane Police PIO Team

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