Parent Charged with Assault and Trespassed from School Property


Parent Charged with Assault and Trespassed from School Property

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office West Valley School Resource Deputy charged the father of a child who was involved in a fight with other students at Centennial Middle School earlier today.  After the initial incident was over and the students brought to the office, the father entered the school and barged into the office, knocking a staff membered out of the way, and grabbed a student, pinning him down.  No one appeared to be seriously injured during the fight or the incident caused by the irate father.   

This morning, West Valley School Resource Deputy Cashman responded to Centennial Middle School for the report of a parent who assaulted a middle school student. 

Deputy Cashman learned through his investigation, approximately 6 to 7 students of the school were involved in a physical altercation/fight resulting in one of the students receiving a bloody nose.  The children were separated and brought to the office.

One of the student’s father, accompanied by his adult son, responded to the school and gained entry by having his involved child let him in through a locked door.  The angry father, 40-year-old McNeil E. Glover, went to the office, pushed his way past a teacher, and grabbed one of the students who was involved in the fight with his son.  Glover pinned the child against a table during the incident and need to be restrained. 

Glover was charged with Assault 4th Degree and Interference by Force or Violence, both gross misdemeanors. (RCW 28A.635.090

The adult son, 19-year-old Daelyn D. Warren, previously trespassed from West Valley School property, was charged with Criminal Trespassing 1st Degree, a gross misdemeanor. 

Both Glover and Warren were given trespassing notices banning them from entering any West Valley School District property. 

The actions of the students involved will be addressed by school officials and disciplined per school policy.


Corporal Mark Gregory

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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