Problem House Shutdown


A neighborhood in the Seven Mile area has come together, worked closely with the Spokane Police Department, and has successfully closed a chronic problem house. The nuisance abatement of this home was a long process that has effectively ended the criminal activity on this block. This is one of a number of successful abatements/receiverships over the last couple of years.


Neighbors near the house at 7711 N. Tucannon, through cooperation with their Neighborhood Conditions Officer and the City Attorney’s Office, succeeded in shutting down the problem property. SPD attempted to work with the property owner in an effort to curb the activity, but all efforts were fruitless. In fact in recent months, the drug and illegal activity increased. Spokane Police officers have responded to this problem house twenty-eight (28) times in the past six months alone.


Possible drug activity, noise, assaults, and property crimes are just a few of the calls that SPD have received regarding 7711 N. Tucannon. Public safety and health concerns, combined with the neighborhood’s rapid deterioration in quality of life, created the necessary momentum for the neighbors to organize and partner with their Neighborhood Conditions Officer. Working the SPD’s Civil Enforcement Unit, they successfully petitioned to the Spokane County Superior Court to immediately shut this property down. Officers and contractors were on hand to clear, secure and board up this property. If the tenants or home owner return they will be arrested for trespass.


This community made a decision to stand up together, and by partnering with their Neighborhood Conditions Officer and Civil Enforcement Unit, they were able to take their neighborhood back. If you have a problem property in your neighborhood, contact your Neighborhood Conditions Officer for more information on the abatement process.

Ofc. Teresa Fuller| Public Information Officer| Spokane Police Department

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