Riverfront Park Conducting Geotechnical Investigation


Riverfront Park Conducting Geotechnical Investigation and Ground Penetrating Radar Work in Gondola Meadow This Week


As part of the Riverfront Park Redevelopment project, crews will be conducting geotechnical boring and using ground penetrating radar in the Gondola Meadow to determine the location of bedrock, subsurface water, and old railroad infrastructure.  The work is being conducted as part of the initial pre-design and pre-construction work on the on the south bank of Riverfront Park. Below-ground investigation through boring and the use of ground penetrating radar helps designers to understand thecompressibility, strength, and other characteristics of the subsurface profile which may influence construction.

Prior to Expo ’74, the Gondola Meadow was the site of elevated railroad tracks and other railroad infrastructure (see attached photo from 1958).  The area was completely renovated prior to Expo ‘74 to remove remnants of the railroad system, however some elements system may still remain underground.

The Gondola Meadow will house the new Recreational Rink and SkyRide Facility in the Redeveloped Riverfront Park.  The City of Spokane is currently in contract negotiations with Stantec to design the Recreational Rink and SkyRide Facility. Proposed designs for the rink and adjacent facility are set to be presented to the community in the spring/summer of 2016.



·         Currently, the City of Spokane is in the design phase of the Redevelopment Project.  We are soliciting design teams for each of the major elements of the Redevelopment within Riverfront Park, which include:

1.       The Design of Public Spaces and Park Grounds

2.       The Recreational Rink and SkyRide Facility

3.       The Looff Carrousel Building

4.       The Pavilion

5.       The Regional Playground

·         The Berger Partnership is under contract with the City of Spokane for the design of Public Spaces and Park Grounds (landscape) of Riverfront Park.  They are currently validating the Riverfront Park Master Plan and associated programming, as well as visioning initial concepts.

·         Stantec is in contract negotiations with the city for the Recreational Rink and SkyRide Facility. The city is working on programming for the space during the spring and summer.

·         A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) has been distributed to solicit design teams to design the historic Looff Carrousel Building. Statements of Qualifications from interested and qualified design teams are due on December 7, 2015.

·         The city will be holding a community meeting to introduce the finalist Looff Carrousel Building design teams to the public on January 6, 2016, at 6:00 pm, in the City Council Chambers.  All interested community members are invited to attend.

Monique Cotton | City of Spokane | Marketing & Communication Manager

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