Shooting in Riverfront Park, suspect arrested, no injuries


Shooting in Riverfront Park, suspect arrested, no injuries

At around 12:30 am on Thursday, officers responded to reports of shots fired near the 500 block of North Howard Street (Riverfront Park).  Park rangers at the park also reported hearing the shots.  SPD contacted two victims, the suspect and a witness and were able to piece together the following.  

Two men were recovering from a minor crash on the Lime scooter they had been riding.  The men were approached by a man later identified as the suspect who was swaying back and forth and making nonsensical statements directed at them.  The suspect then reached into his coat, drew a revolver, and fired one round into the air.  The victims took cover behind a garbage can and the suspect lowered the weapon, pointed it at them, and fired another round toward them.

The suspect then fled down Washington Street.  The victims decided to give chase but lost the victim near the Big Red Wagon in Riverfront Park.

An officer stopped a man matching the suspect description who was running on the Washington Street Bridge near the tunnel.  The man stated he was running because someone was chasing him.  While the Officer was contacting the fleeing man, a second male walked up to the officer and explained that he was working in the area as a “Juicer” (someone who recharges Lime Scooters) when he heard the gunshots and saw the suspect running.  Moments later the victims ran up to the “Juicer” and said that they were chasing someone who had just shot at them.  The Juicer called 911 and then followed the suspect at what he deemed a safe distance. 

The suspect, Detrick Johnson, was arrested, transported and booked for two counts of Assault 1.  The handgun involved was located just north of the Washington Street Tunnel.

Sergeant Terry Preuninger 

Spokane Police Department  

Communications & Public Information Office  

Assistant Commander – Special Weapons & Tactics Team

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