Shooting Update 2400 North Calispel


Spokane Police Officers responded to a North central neighborhood for reports of gunfire. Several rounds had been fired in the street leaving a female with serious injuries. Witnesses in the area indicated that a physical altercation between two men lead to the shooting. One male has been arrested for the shooting and two others involved were taken to a local hospital.

On September 6th, 2018 Officers responded to 2400 N Calispel for a shooting. Once on scene Officers detained two people at the address where the shooting happened. One of those people was 32 year old Jeremy Mallgren. Minutes later Officers received a report of two shooting victims a block to the east.

There Officers discovered a white SUV that had numerous bullet holes and windows shattered out. One 40 year old female had several gunshot wounds to her torso. She was alert and talking at the scene, but due to where the injuries were her wounds were considered serious. She was later listed in stable condition at the hospital.

There was also a 29 year old male inside the vehicle. He had minor injuries and abrasions on his body. He had other wounds that could have also been the result of shrapnel from the bullets traveling through the vehicle.

A large crime scene was set up in the area and Major Crime Detectives responded. During the course of the investigation and numerous witness statements Detectives were able to piece together what lead to the shooting.

The two victims in the white SUV were parked at a nearby residence and Mallgren went to investigate the suspicious vehicle in his neighborhood. This lead to an argument and then a physical altercation between the two men. At some point Mallgren retrieved a rifle and fired at the white SUV as it was driving away from the residence. Mallgren fired several rounds at the vehicle.

Mallgren was later arrested and booked into jail for 2 counts of 1st degree assault.

Cpl Van Tassel

Spokane Police Department


Spokane News broke this story and our coverage can be found HERE

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