SPD Arrest Leslie A. Hester (33) for felony Hit and Run


Last night, 04/28/17, Spokane police arrested Leslie A. Hester (33) for one count of felony Hit and Run (Attended).

Charges stem from a crash on 04/23/17 at approximately 2050 hours at the intersection of SE Blvd and 11th Ave. (Spokane News first posted this on Facebook and can be found HERE)   Hester and Daniel Inwood collided in the intersection. Inwood was riding a motorcycle and lost his leg as a result of the crash.  Hester then fled the scene.  Left at the scene was a driver’s-side taillight assembly from Hester’s vehicle.  The assembly was collected as evidence and later provided to local media in an attempt to locate the vehicle and driver.

On 04/28/17 a citizen contacted and SPD patrol officer with information regarding Hester.  Traffic Collision Investigator Ofc. Paul Taylor arrived and concluded the evidence collected was from Hester’s vehicle.  Hester then spoke with investigators and was subsequently arrested and charged with Hit and Run (felony).  She was booked into Spokane County Jail.

Spokane Police would like to send a heart-felt thank you to everyone who aided this investigation.  Hester was arrested because of the cooperation of local media, SPD patrol officers and responsible citizens.   Thanks to all of you.

Ofc. Shane Phillips

Public Information Officer

Spokane Police Department

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