SPD Conducted a Bike Sting near Mission and Hamilton


The Spokane Police Department conducted a bike sting to attempt and lower property crime numbers in a neighborhood experiencing high crime.

The area of Mission and Hamilton has had numerous thefts, Burglaries, drug calls and assaults in recent weeks and months. Several of the Reserve Police Officers wanted to do their part in helping the community and attempt to curb some of these crimes. The Reserve Officers are not paid employees and did this on their own time.

On August 15th, 2018 they set up a bicycle at the Safeway, located at Mission and Hamilton. Within a short time, 34 year old Jonathan Trefz rode up on his bike. He parked his bike and then stole the more expensive bait bike. Trefz was taken into custody a short distance later and admitted he was taking the more expensive bike to attempt and sell.

The bait bike was set up again a short time later. Officers took note of all the other people in the parking lot and area who were not stealing the bike, but instead looking in parked cars and prowling the area.

Soon after a 25 year old female Victoria Langlois rode up and sat next to the bait bike. She had another female she knows, 35 year old Ericka Garber walk over. The two had a discussion and Officers could hear them talking about the bike. Langlois acted like a lookout and Garber attempted to get on the bike and ride away. Both females were taken into custody. Langlois was arrested for being complicit in the theft. Both females had warrants for their arrest, which also included theft.

All three people arrested were charged with 2nd degree (felony) theft. Langlois was also charged with possession of Methamphetamine.

This incident is a good time to remind people to lock your items up. After watching one parking lot for several hours it was obvious that a certain percent of the population do nothing except look for items to steal all day long. So lock your items and be vigilant to who is around you.

We would also like to thank Wheel Sport for donating the bike for this incident and doing their part to attempt and bring property crime numbers down in our City.

Cpl Van Tassel

Spokane Police Department

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