SPD investigates occupied home burglary


SPD investigates occupied home burglary


Spokane PD arrested a burglary suspect after he attempted to break into a residence and the home owner detained him until Police arrived.


On May 17th 2016 at about 4pm Spokane PD responded to the block of 2600 N Atlantic. Numerous people from the area called to report two males fighting in the front yard of a residence and one of them had dropped a hammer.

Police arrived within a couple minutes and observed the homeowner on top of a male, holding him to the ground. The male being held down was later identified as Wixon, Todd J (58 years old). Wixon was taken into custody by Police.

The homeowner stated that his dog was barking outside and he looked out to see Wixon at the back door of his residence. Wixon had a pry bar and a hammer and was attempting to break through the door. The homeowner chased Wixon into the front yard and attempted to detain him. The homeowner stated that Wixon swung the pry bar at his head numerous times and he had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid being hit. He was then able to take Wixon down and hold him for Police.

Wixon was booked into jail for 1st degree burglary, 2nd degree assault and possession of burglar tools.

This call is a reminder that even though the homeowner did a great job of detaining a burglar, the situation could have turned out much worse. The Spokane Police always recommend to call 911 first before attempting to get involved in a situation.

Sgt M Jordan Ferguson

Spokane Police Department

Patrol Corporal   PIO

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