Spokane County Burn Restrictions Lifted


Outdoor Recreational Burn Restrictions Lifted


Spokane Valley, Wash. – The Spokane Valley Fire Department (SVFD) Fire Marshal today announced that the outdoor recreational burn restrictions implemented on July 7 have been lifted. This means that citizens residing in the Cities of Liberty Lake, Millwood, Spokane Valley and unincorporated areas of Spokane County may now enjoy outdoor recreational fires, as long as approved fuel is used and other requirements are satisfied.

Outdoor recreational fires now allowed include campfires, backyard barbeques, chimineas, portable outdoor fireplaces, fire pits or other patio/deck warmers. These fires must use approved fuel including seasoned dry firewood, briquettes, propane or natural gas. It is illegal for outdoor fires to be used for the purpose of debris disposal including garbage, paper, yard waste, natural vegetation, lumber and/or other debris.

Additional requirements must be met for outdoor recreational fires, including:

·         Recreational fires can only be in designated areas on public property or on private property with owner approval. Fires must not exceed a fuel area of 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.

·         Fires must be attended by a responsible adult at all times until the fire is extinguished. The adult must be knowledgeable in the use of the fire extinguishing equipment

·         Approved fire extinguishing equipment must be on hand and ready for use. This includes a garden hose, dirt, sand, bucket, shovel, or a minimum 4A rated portable fire extinguisher.

·         Safe wind conditions must be present – wind no more than 7-10 mph

·         Adequate clearance from structures and combustibles must exist. For campfires and fire pits, the required minimum clearance is 25 feet.

·         Fires must not present a health hazard or nuisance to others.

Burning may be temporarily restricted by Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency due to fine particulate (smoke) levels and air stagnation. Visit www.spokanecleanair.org/current-burning-conditions.

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