Spokane County K9 Laslo Retiring March 1st


“Spokane County K9 Laslo Retiring March 1st

I had the chance to interview Corporal Thurman and K9 Laslo as K9 Laslo is retiring and Corporal Thurman is promoting to Detective. We at Spokane News will miss covering K9 Laslo and were honored to have him and Corporal Thurman at many of the Events we have held over the years. Spokane County will certainly miss K9 Laslo and the success he has had in his career hunting bad guys. #K9Laslo #Retiring March 1st 2017 More photos can be found HERE

Jay: We know in 2013 you joined the K9 Unit with K9 Laslo and over the years you as a team have brought down some pretty huge cases. Can you reflect on some of your most memorable moments as K9 Laslo’s handler?

Corporal Thurman: Truly every single capture is unique. They all bring back memories. One that sticks out was an article search not even looking for a bad guy. A young lady waived me down on Argonne after someone tried to steal her car. She caught him and he ran off with her keys. She was extremely upset. I told her give me and Laz a chance to search the area for her keys figuring he probably ditched them while running. I deployed Laslo and he found the keys hidden across the road under a real estate sign in about a minute. The young lady was so happy. Something small but pretty cool to see.

Jay: What will the future be like for Laslo?

Corporal Thurman: Laslo’s future holds home life with my family, lake time, boat time, lots of hikes and an occasional steak. He’s earned it.

Jay: Since 2013 how has the Sheriff’s K9 Program grown and do you see an irreplaceable void with K9 Laslo retiring?

Corporal Thurman: Laslo was a very good K9 definitely going to be hard to replace. However the K-9 unit has some good handlers and dogs that will continue to work hard for this community.

Jay: Is this the way you thought Laslo would finish his service to the Community?

Corporal Thurman: I honestly never thought about him ending his service. Always forged ahead and trained hard to be the best we could be. Always looked forward to the next challenge.

It is with mixed emotions that I announced the retirement of K9 Laslo. As I take the next step in my career with a promotion I have a goal to return to the unit in the future.

It has been an honor and a privilege serving the citizens of Spokane County with Laslo as a partner for the past 4 years.

These last 4 years have been some of the greatest in my 21 years of law enforcement. The support and relationship we were able to build with the community was and is one to always remember.

Jay: What can we look forward to with your promotion and career?

Corporal Thurman: A lot of hard work behind the scenes as a detective. Going to work towards running the K-9 unit one day when the position comes open. K9 is my passion and I will never give it up and will continue to support our great unit and all the K9’s out there.

Jay: Any thoughts of running for Sheriff someday?

Corporal Thurman: You know I always thought it would be a privilege to take all my training and experience back to where I started in Kootenai County when I am closer to retirement.

Jay: Will or has K9 Laslo been replaced on the K9 Unit?

Corporal Thurman: Yes a new handler is being selected a new dog will hit the streets in the near future.

Jay: Thanks for your service and for having such an awesome partner in K9 Laslo. We are certain he will be missed and wish him the best.

Corporal Thurman: Thank you for all the support and kind words during this run it was great. Please continue to support these hard working K9’s and their Humans.”

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