Spokane Police Arrest Man for Residential Burglary & Felony Harassment (Threats to Kill)


Spokane Police arrest 18-year-old Anthony P. Brower for Residential Burglary and Felony Harassment (Threats to Kill) after he allegedly burglarized a home and threatened a victim with a replica rifle.  Additionally, it was reported that Brower was telling people in the area he was a police officer.


Last night, at 8/13/2014, at approximately 7:30 pm, Spokane Police officers responded to the report of a suspicious person in the area of 8900 N. Colton. It was reported a male had been seen carrying what appeared to be a rifle and was telling neighbors he was a police officer.

Officers located them man, later identified as Brower, and were able to take him into custody quickly and without incident. During the investigation, it was determined Brower threatened a woman. It was also determined he had burglarized an apartment in the area.

Multiple witnesses had called in to report the male’s suspicious activity and with the help of these calls, officers were able to find and quickly apprehend Brower.

Monique Cotton | Director of Communication & Public Information | Spokane Police Department

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