Spokane Valley Deputy Honored for DUI Prevention


Spokane Valley Deputy Honored for DUI Prevention 

Last week, Spokane Valley Deputy Todd Miller was recognized for his exemplary service by the Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council (GSSAC) for his work with the GSSAC to address impaired driving and help educate and reinforce their message of “There is no safe way to drink/use and drive.”.  


Last week, the GSSAC Board of Directors, Volunteers and Staff honored Spokane Valley Deputy Todd Miller presenting him with a Letter of Recognition for his exemplary work partnering with GSSAC to promote health, safety and prevention of DUIs in our community.

In the letter signed by Linda Thompson, GSSAC Executive Director, and Steve Lunden, President-GSSAC Board of Directors, Deputy Miller was specifically recognized for his work with court ordered offenders attending the GSSAC Spokane County DUI Victims Panel where they hear from victims/survivors and offenders about the crashes which have changed their lives.

Deputy Miller was also recognized for his willingness, even off-duty, to be a source of information for GSSAC’s 24-hour DUI Education Jail Alternative program.

When asked about GSSAC’s honoring of Deputy Miller and his work toward keep our community safe, Sheriff Knezovich stated, “Deputy Miller has not only worked to enforce DUI laws, he’s dedicated his time trying to prevent them.”

Referencing the training of our new Deputies, Spokane Valley Chief Mark Werner said, “Deputy Miller’s willingness to pass on his knowledge and his professional attitude toward DUI enforcement and prevention has been invaluable.”

As the GSSAC letter to Deputy Miller states, “We are grateful for his dedication to protecting our community” and notes “we are a better program” for having him as part of the impaired driving prevention team.

Deputy Mark Gregory

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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