Stolen Classic Chevy Recovered within Hours


Stolen Classic Chevy Recovered within Hours

Spokane Valley Deputies arrested three suspects for multiple charges after a custom painted 1961 Chevy pickup and additional items were stolen from a garage located east of Bowdish and 19th in Spokane Valley.  The vehicle was discovered within hours parked in the driveway of a residence near 16th and Bowdish. 

On February 5, 2017, at approximately 9:15 a.m., deputies responded to a residential burglary which had just occurred.  A witness reported seeing a green Ford Expedition leaving the residence and thought it was odd.  The witness also reported seeing a female with multi colored hair and a heavier build at the location.

Deputy Clay Hilton spoke with the victim’s son and the witness and learned the garage door had been forced open.  Several plastic totes containing power tools and other items appeared to have been placed by the door and were either left behind to be picked up later or placed there by the suspects who may have left in a hurry.

After conducting the initial investigation, Deputy Hilton began checking known “hot spots” in an attempt to locate the very recognizable purple 1961 Chevy with flames.

At approximately 1:25 p.m., a witness reported seeing the stolen Chevy parked in the driveway of a residence located near 16th and Bowdish.  Deputy Hilton had checked that area earlier and did not observe the vehicle at the location.  Deputy Hilton, assisted by additional deputies, responded to the location and found the vehicle parked in the driveway.  The bed of the truck was covered with a gray tarp and a metal screen door.

The people inside the residence were contacted and interviewed.  During the interviews, Deputy Hilton received multiple accounts with differing degrees of knowledge regarding the stolen vehicle and how it ended up being parked at the residence.  He eventually developed probable cause to arrest 35-year-old Dwayne J. Davis, 26-year-old Brittney L. Robles and 39-year-old Noelle L. Kenworthy and all three were transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail.

All three suspects were charged with Residential Burglary, Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree.

The vehicle was returned but others items stolen were not recovered and the Expedition used by the suspects was not located at the time.

Deputy Mark Gregory

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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