Suspect broke into BNSF Locomotive and started blowing the horn


Spokane Police arrest suspect for trespassing who broke into a BNSF locomotive, started the engine, and was blowing the horn. 

Today May 27, 2017 just after 8:30 hrs., the Spokane Police Department responded to the report of a male locked inside a running locomotive who was blowing the whistles near N. Helena St., south of E. Front Ave.  Upon their arrival, Officers located 40 year old male Jeremy J. Warfield locked inside the locomotive.  Warfield was not cooperative, refused to come out of the train, and did not answer the Officer’s questions.  The train was still running, however BNSF staff assisted Officers with disabling the engines.  After attempting verbal negotiations with Warfield for over an hour, pepper spray canisters were introduced into the cab of the locomotive through an open window.  Warfield gave up after several minutes, and was taken into custody without incident.  Warfield was suspected to be under the influence of drugs, and had a previous criminal history here in Spokane.  Warfield was treated for his exposure by medical personnel and he was charged with Trespassing 2nd Degree.  Warfield was booked into the Spokane County Jail.  Thanks to the quick thinking of the Officers from the Spokane Police Department the suspect was not injured and the locomotive was not driven away.

The Spokane Police Department and the BNSF Railway Police remind everyone that trespassing onto the railway property is a crime, and BNSF will prosecute violators who go onto the railroad property or tracks.

Officer Joshua Laiva #1231

Spokane Police Department PIO Team

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