Suspected Arrested for Mascot Pizza Burglaries


The Spokane Police investigated an early morning burglary at Mascot Pizza, located in the Gonzaga neighborhood. Hours later Officers were able to locate and arrest the suspect.


On July 31, 2018 Spokane Police responded to Mascot Pizza, located at 730 N Columbus to investigate an overnight burglary at the business. Money, a backpack and other items were stolen from the business. There was video surveillance of the incident and the suspect was captured on video.


This was the second time in as many weeks that the same business had been burglarized. Officers patrolled the area heavily during the day to see if they could locate the suspect.


Later in the day the complainant from the burglary called in stating that a male matching the description of the burglar is walking down the street. Officers were already in the neighborhood and were able to get there quickly and detain a male, later identified as 24 year old Isaac Glemaker.


Officers located a vehicle nearby they believe was being used by Glemaker. Inside the vehicle they were able to see the backpack that was believed to been taken during the burglary. Glemaker had changed his clothing but Officers were able to match other items Glemaker was wearing to that shown in the surveillance video.


Glemaker’s vehicle was seized for a search warrant. He was booked into the Spokane County Jail for 2nd degree burglary. Officers are also investigating the possibility that he was involved in not only the first burglary, but several other crimes in the area.


If anybody has further information regarding this case, please call crime check at 456-2233 and reference incident number 2018-20148988.


Cpl Van Tassel

Spokane Police Department

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