Taking “selfies” on a stolen tablet, a suspect is arrested!


After taking “selfies” on a stolen tablet, a suspect is arrested for Possession of Stolen Property and the victim is getting some of his belongings back.


On June 16th, 2014, a victim called Crime Check to report that a vehicle he rented had been prowled and a suitcase of his belongings had been taken from the trunk of the car. There was clothing and a Samsung Galaxy tablet in the suitcase when it was taken.

Unbeknownst to the individual who was later arrested for possessing the stolen tablet, 41-year-old Donald Mayberry, the tablet was still connected to the victim’s cloud and backed up pictures taken using the device. The victim started seeing pictures of the individual in his cloud, so he posted them to his social media page hoping the suspect would be identified.

Donald Mayberry was identified as the suspect and the victim called Crime Check to report the additional information. Spokane Police officers from the Patrol Anti-Crime Team (PACT) were able to locate Mayberry who led them to the location of the victim’s table and suitcase. Those items have been recovered and returned to the victim.

This is a great example of how information provided by the victim culminated in the police following up on the crime and retrieving his property. The victim in this incident assisted police by promptly reporting the incident and calling back to report the additional information regarding possible suspects.

Ofc. Teresa Fuller

Intersection Safety/Community Outreach PIO

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