Teen Smashes Car Window, Violently Fights Deputies During Arrest


Teen Smashes Car Window, Violently Fights Deputies During Arrest


Spokane Valley Deputies arrested a juvenile in his late teens earlier today after he smashed out the window of a vehicle with a baseball bat and made threats toward people.  When deputies contacted the juvenile inside his mother’s apartment, he failed to follow commands and attacked the deputies.  He now faces several felony charges.    

This morning at approximately 9:30 a.m., Spokane Valley Deputies responded to male walking around banging on doors with a baseball bat at an apartment complex located in the 12400 block of E. Mansfield in Spokane Valley.

Additional calls were received stating the suspect smashed out the window of a vehicle, occupied by an infant, while the child’s mother walked around the car to open the garage door.  The male, identified by one of the callers, had threatened to harm others, hit another vehicle, and doors of residents with the bat.

Deputy Chamberlin and Deputy Bailey contacted the juvenile who appeared emotionless, standing in the living room of his mother’s apartment which he had destroyed.  As the deputies approached him, he sat down on the couch.  Deputy Chamberlin advised him he was under arrest and told to stand.  He jumped up quickly and tried to punch Deputy Chamberlin in the face.  He continued to violently fight and resist arrest even after he was sprayed with OC (pepper) spray.  A Taser was deployed but was ineffective due to the suspect’s baggy clothes.

As additional deputies arrived to assist, the suspect continued to fight punching one deputy in the face and momentarily grabbed another’s throat.  As they tried to gain control, deputies used strikes and a Taser, all of which seemed to have little effect.   Four deputies were finally able to pin him down and place him in handcuffs as he continued to struggle and resist.

Due to the OC spray application, the Taser application, and the violent struggle, AMR and Valley Fire personnel were called to the scene for a medical evaluation.  When AMR contacted him to provide medical aid, the juvenile intentionally spit a large amount of saliva on one of them.

The infant had several pieces of broken glass in her hair and in her car seat but was uninjured.  Her mother said she pulled into the parking lot in front of her garage and got out to open the garage door.  When she got to the front of her vehicle, the suspect approached her with a metal bat in his hand and yelled, “You tried to kill me, so I’m gonna kill you!”  He swung the bat striking the driver’s side door window, shattering it, causing broken glass to fly inside the vehicle and on her daughter.

Deputies also learned the suspect struck the hood of another vehicle leaving a large dent and threatened additional people at the location.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital for a medical clearance and a psychiatric assessment.

Deputies have contacted the juvenile several times in the last week for erratic behavior.  As a result, he was arrested twice (theft and reckless endangerment) and taken for a mental evaluation.

Charges for Assault 1st Degree, Assault 3rd Degree (5 counts), Burglary 1st Degree and Malicious Mischief 2nd Degree (2 counts) have been requested.

The deputies received cuts, bruises, and abrasions during the incident.

Deputy Mark Gregory

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

Spokane News coverage of this incident as it was reported can be found HERE

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