Update to Kelly A. Pease Homicide


“Update to Kelly A. Pease Homicide
March 10, 2017

Kootenai County, Idaho: On March 9, 2017 at approximately 4:00 pm, Deputies were dispatched to a suspicious call in the area of Hauser Lake Rd. and Kopf Rd., near Post Falls due to a possible sighting of the vehicle driven by Coeur d’Alene homicide suspect Steven T. Denson.

Thanks to Kootenai County Sheriff’s Deputy S. Larsen’s attentiveness while driving west on Hwy 53 towards the call, he spotted Denson’s vehicle traveling E/B on Hwy 53 in a line of many other cars several miles from its last reported location. While Deputy Larsen turned his vehicle around, he observed Denson’s vehicle turn north on to N. Bruss Rd.

As Deputy Larsen approached the end of N. Bruss Rd., he saw Denson turn around in a driveway and proceed towards Deputy Larsen’s vehicle. Denson stopped approximately 150’ away from Dep. Larsen’s patrol vehicle. Dep. Larsen positioned his vehicle attempting to prevent Denson’s escape, turned on his overhead lights, and exited his patrol unit waiting for other patrol units to arrive.

Within 30-60 seconds of exiting his vehicle, Dep. Larsen heard what he believed to be the muffled sound of a gunshot coming from the area of Denson’s vehicle. Two more Kootenai County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on scene within 1-2 minutes to assist Dep. Larsen.

Due to the rain, headlights of Denson’s vehicle, and low light conditions, deputies had difficulty seeing into Denson’s vehicle. Using binoculars and better positioning, they were finally able to see into Denson’s vehicle where it appeared Denson had shot himself. Deputies approached the vehicle to confirm and then immediately called for medical personnel; however Denson succumbed to his injuries.

An autopsy of Denson is scheduled for today and will be attended by Detectives from The Coeur d’Alene Police Dept. and the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office as we work together with the continuing investigation. The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank our community for all of your support during the investigation of this tragic incident.

Ben Wolfinger, Sheriff
By: Det. Dennis Stinebaugh”

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