Update: Wellesley and Cook Officer Assaulted Updated


Several Spokane Police Officers were involved in a very violent confrontation on Tuesday night after stopping a male suspected of DUI driving. The male attempted to bite, eye gouge and even disarm an Officer. The suspect was eventually taken into custody. Officers then discovered that the suspects three children were inside the vehicle, who had been reported missing earlier that day by their mother.  

On January 15th, 2019 around 10:36 pm, Officers were working the area of Market and Wellesley. The patrol unit was a training Officer and a Reserve Officer. They observed a vehicle driving in the area that they suspected may be DUI. They observed the vehicle swerving, hitting a curb and running a steady red light. The Officers conducted a traffic stop and stopped the vehicle several blocks away on Cook St.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as 37 year old Aaron J Aamodt, immediately exited the vehicle. Aamodt started to approach the Officers, who demanded he get back into his vehicle. Aamodt did not get back into the vehicle and continued to approach Officers. Aamodt had his hands concealed in his clothing, around his waist band, which is common where weapons are kept. Both Officers also took note of Aamodt’s large size, listed at 6’5 and 250 pounds.

Aamodt then went directly at one of the Officers and stated, “I’m going to Fu**ing murder you”. The other Officer deployed his taser at Aamodt. The taser had no effect on Aamodt, who then focused his attention on the Officer that tried to taser him. Aamodt charged that Officer and grabbed onto him and his gun and attempted to remove it from the holster. Aamodt tackled the Officer to the ground and then got on top of him. The Officer felt Aamodt repeatedly attempting to take his gun from the holster. During the fight Aamodt hit the Officer several times. He brought his face down around the Officers neck and attempted to bite his throat. Aamodt also grabbed the Officer by the face and drove his thumb into the Officers eyeball, causing him a significant amount of pain. The Officer was able to shake his head back and forth and get free from Aamodt’s grip. At this point other Officers arrived onscene and attempted to take Aamodt into custody. There was still a significant physical struggle before they were able to subdue Aamodt. Even after being handcuffed Aamodt was still combative and had to be constantly restrained by Officers. The Officer involved in the incident believed he was truly involved in a fight for his life.

When Officers looked inside the vehicle they discovered Aamodt’s three children, all under the age of 13. After some investigation Officers learned the children were reported missing by their mother in Bremerton WA from earlier in the day.

Aamodt was booked into jail for 1st Degree assault for his assault on the Officer, Reckless driving, 3 counts of Reckless endangerment for having his children in the vehicle, Obstructing and Disarming a Police Officer.

The Officer received a concussion from the incident along with a minor eye and hand injury. Another Officer received a shoulder injury.

Cpl Van Tassel
Spokane Police Department

Spokane News covered this Live as it happened and that post can be found here https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155759372260706&id=313410325705

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