Vehicle Prowling leads to Attempted Fight with Deputy


Citizens Report Vehicle Prowler Who Fails to Comply with Deputy

A suspect, who was observed by three citizens strolling through the parking lot of an apartment complex peering into vehicles and actually enter one through an open window, was aggressive and failed to follow the responding Deputy’s commands.  The suspect was arrested and booked for Vehicle Prowling and Obstructing.  


On June 27, 2018 at approximately 1:30 a.m., Spokane Valley Deputies responded to an apartment complex in the 11900 block of E. Mansfield in Spokane Valley for a reported vehicle prowler.

Deputy Walton arrived within minutes and contacted three citizens who witnessed the suspect, later identified as 42-year-old Kenneth R. Smith, enter the parking lot and walk from vehicle to vehicle as he peered inside.  Smith was also observed entering one vehicle by reaching through an open window. Smith was confronted by the witnesses but he didn’t reply and walked off toward the pool area.

Deputy Walton walked through the complex and observed a male (Smith) matching the witnesses’ description standing between two vehicles.  As Deputy Walton approached Smith, the witnesses confirmed Smith was the suspect.

Deputy Walton walked toward Smith who immediately became upset, turned toward Deputy Walton, put his hands in the air, and yelled, “What?”.  Deputy Walton identified himself and explained why he was contacting Smith.  Smith was advised he was being detained and told to turn away from the Deputy.  Smith refused, squared his body and raised his hands in what appeared to be a fighting stance.  Smith was told several more times to turn around but he remained defiant and refused to follow commands.

Believing Smith was about to assault him, Deputy Walton requested immediate assistance via his radio and attempted to turn Smith around to detain him.  Smith resisted and attempted to turn toward Deputy Walton, swinging his hand over his shoulder toward Deputy Walton’s face/head.  With Smith actively fighting while refusing to follow commands to get down on the ground and stop resisting, Deputy Walton used hand strikes in an effort to gain control, eventually taking Smith to the ground.  Smith continued to fight and grab toward his waistband area.  With the assistance of additional arriving Deputies, Smith was placed in handcuffs and secured in a patrol vehicle.

Later, Smith was advised of his rights and refused to answer questions.  Smith did say he didn’t know why he decided to fight Deputy Walton.

The owner of the vehicle Smith entered was contacted.  He stated he left his window down when he parked and confirmed no one had permission to enter the vehicle.

Smith was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Vehicle Prowling 2nd Degree and Obstructing.

Deputy Mark Gregory

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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