Wanted Suspect Violently Resists Arrest


Wanted Suspect Violently Resists Arrest

On February 8th, 2016, Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies Tim Greenfield and Derek McNall, assisted by a citizen passing by, fought to take 35-year-old Edward T. Fain into custody for a no bail Department of Corrections warrant for his arrest.

Just after 5:00 p.m., Deputy Greenfield and Deputy McNall arrived at a residence located in the 12700 block of North Chronicle Street to attempt to locate two males who had valid warrants for their arrest.

The deputies contacted a male at the front door and learned one of the males, Fain, was inside but he probably would not be willingly to come out because he knew he had a warrant for his arrest.  Deputy Greenfield, who has dealt with Fain previously, asked the male to let Fain know he was at the door.  The male went inside and was heard yelling for Fain.  The male returned and told Deputy Greenfield Fain didn’t want to go to jail.

During this conversation, Deputy Greenfield observed Fain inside, peeking out of the hallway.  The male yelled inside to Fain he had been seen and to come out, but Fain said no.  Deputy Greenfield yelled inside for Fain to come out but Fain didn’t reply.

From previous incidents, Deputy Greenfield knew Fain, and others, have hidden under clothes in the bedroom closet or behind a false wall that covered up the furnace in the living room.  The deputies were allowed to enter the residence.  They identified themselves again and called for Fain to surrender but no response was heard.

Deputy McNall found Fain hiding in the false wall area and began giving commands for Fain to show his hands.  Fain did not comply and began digging in his pockets.  Fain followed a second command to show his hands but as the deputies tried to maintain control of his hands and remove him from his hiding spot, Fain began to thrash around and attempt to pull away from the deputies.  Fain dove over a couch as he attempted to flee, causing the deputies to lose partial control.  Fain dragged the deputies over furniture as he bolted toward the front door of the residence and ran out into the street.

Deputy McNall eventually stopped Fain from fleeing by deploying his Taser, but Fain continued to thrash and kick as he tried to break free.  Both deputies tried to gain control of Fain as he fought with them on the ground.  A citizen who was driving by stopped to assist the deputies as Fain physically fought their efforts and failed to follow repeated commands to stop resisting.

With the assistance of the citizen, the deputies finally gained control of Fain and placed him in handcuffs.  Fain was provided medical attention at the scene before he was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for his felony warrant and a new charge of resisting arrest.

Neither of the deputies nor the citizen received injuries requiring medical attention during this incident.

Deputy Mark Gregory
Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
Public Information Officer

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