Washington Counties Risk Pool Agrees to Holyk’s Family Request to Settle Lawsuit


Washington Counties Risk Pool Agrees to Holyk’s

Family Request to Settle Lawsuit

Late yesterday afternoon, as Sheriff Knezovich and Spokane County Officials prepared for next week’s trial, they were advised the Holyk family, through their attorney Mike Maurer, contacted Washington Arbitration and Mediation Services (WAMS) and advised the Mediator of their desire to reach a settlement of their civil action prior to the trial.

The civil trial was scheduled to begin next Monday but late yesterday afternoon Sheriff Knezovich, Spokane County Officials and their legal advisors were notified by the Washington Counties Risk Pool that a settlement was reached in principle, pending final agreement by plaintiff and legal defense counsel of the language proposed by the Mediator.

As a member of the Washington Counties Risk Pool, and with trial preparation costs exceeding Spokane County’s liability coverage deductible, the authority and responsibility to settle this case was solely at the discretion of the Washington Counties Risk Pool.  The settlement, well under the amount originally sought by the Holyk family and their attorney, Mike Maurer, was agreed upon by the Washington Counties Risk Pool and the Holyk family.

Sheriff Knezovich, Spokane County and their legal advisors have remained steady in their belief Deputy Bodman’s actions did not cause this tragic event and the County had a very strong case to present at trial.  The County maintains the SIRR Team investigation, as well as the several reviews of the investigation were thorough, complete, and once that evidence was presented at trial, a jury selected from the citizens of Spokane County would have agreed.

With today’s announcement, this civil case is closed and we hope this will finally give everyone involved in this case a chance to heal.


Deputy Mark Gregory

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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