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“Just a quick note! We are making changes to our website and all previous Users and Subscribers have been removed. You will need to create an account here to comment, post classifieds and more. If you subscribe to our Notification list you can be updated via email when we make new post. New Events are coming and they will be coming from the website. Our website will have information not sent to Facebook or Twitter once in a while so sign up.

We are also in the process of integrating sms updates as we are trying to better the way we can reach you for Live News as it Happens. We strongly urge you to sign up and subscribe to our emails. Major events will come from our site here and you can be the first to know. Don’t sign up just yet though as the system is being fixed on the subscribe part. We will update soon. You can register on the site right now though.

Like always, thanks for following us and making us the Number One Trusted Source for News Information in Spokane. 🙂


Jay with Spokane News”

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