West Silver Lake Road Vehicle vs Pedestrian turns Fatal


Vehicle/Pedestrian Crash on W. Silver Lake Road Turns Fatal

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Investigators were called to the scene of a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle, last Friday evening.  The adult female pedestrian was transported to the hospital where she later died from her injuries.  The driver of the vehicle, who called and reported the incident, stayed at the scene and was cooperative during the investigation.    

On January 11, 2019, at approximately 8:20 p.m., Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the area of W. Silver Lake Road near Granite Lake Road for the report of an injury vehicle/pedestrian collision. 

Deputies learned the adult female was being treated at the scene and was transported to the hospital for what appeared to be life-threatening injuries.  The adult male driver remained at the scene after he reported the collision. 

Spokane County Traffic Unit Investigators responded to continue the investigation.

From the evidence recovered at the scene and with the information learned during interviews, Investigators believe the female was walking to the east in the roadway on W. Silver Lake Road.  The driver of the involved pickup truck was traveling east on W. Silver Lake Road, in between W. Granite Lake Road and the northbound curve of W. Silver Lake Road when the collision occurred. 

The driver, who had been evaluated by a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Deputy and found not to be impaired, stated he was traveling eastbound on W. Silver Lake Road as a vehicle traveling west approached him.  Just after the vehicle passed, he observed something in his lane of travel and swerved into the westbound lane in an attempt to avoid a collision but struck something as he passed.  He stopped and turned around to search, locating the female lying in the ditch on the side of the roadway.  He called 911 immediately and reported the collision. 

Investigators, looking into the history of the female, found several complaints in the last couple of years where she was reported to have been in or around traffic while reportedly being possibly high or intoxicated.  While processing the scene for evidence, they located broken pieces of the involved vehicle in close proximity to where the female was discovered. With this small area of debris, coupled with the damage to the vehicle and other factual indicators observed, they believe the driver of the vehicle was not traveling at excess speeds. 

The rural and very dark roadway, along with the headlight of a vehicle traveling westbound, investigators believe the driver was unable to see the pedestrian, who was wearing dark colored clothing, in time to avoid the collision.

Investigators were informed the pedestrian succumbed to her injuries at the hospital on January 12, 2019, at approximately 2:50 a.m. and was pronounced deceased. 

The driver has not been charged with a crime however the investigation into the fatal incident continues.  Investigators are asking anyone who was travelling on W. Clear Lake Road near W. Granite Lake Road on Friday evening between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8:20 p.m. who may have witnessed the female walking in the area to call Corporal Jeff Welton at 509-477-3237, reference 10005160.

*** Pedestrians/Bicycles, please remember it is extremely difficulty for drivers to see you depending on the weather, roadway conditions, other vehicles and hours of darkness, especially if you are wearing dark clothing.  Wearing reflective clothing, lights/blinking strobes or at a minimum, carrying a flashlight to help drivers see you may save you from serious injury/death.  ***     

Deputy Mark Gregory
Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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