Win Jeff Dunham Ticket’s Promotion


WHAT IS UP FOR GRABS: 3 Winners will Win a Pair of tickets to see Jeff Dunham LIVE on April 8th, 2016 at The Spokane Arena…a Hotel Suite, Dinner, and a Limousine to take the winners to it all is INCLUDED in this awesome giveaway!


HOW TO ENTER: Like our Post on Facebook, then Like the Sponsor’s Facebook Pages (click their name to Like): The Guardians Foundation, Mamma Mia’s Italian Restaurant, A-Star Limousine, Spokane Glass Center, and Hampton Inn & Suites – Spokane Valley. Also…Share our Facebook Post to Spread the Word!

20-25 Names from each Facebook Post will be added to the final drawing on April 1st of over 100 Names!



1.) Check in at the Hotel
2.) Limo will pick up the Winners up from the Hotel and take them to Dinner
3.) After Dinner, the Limo will take the Winners to The Arena for Jeff Dunham
4.) After the show, the Limo will take the Winners back to the Hotel


So LIKE our Post on Facebook, LIKE the Sponsors listed above, and SHARE our Facebook Post to Spread the Word!

Thanks everyone and Good Luck!

Winners drawn from each post will be posted below. Each winner can bring one guest. Winner will be verified to have entered correctly. Prize is not transferable to anyone else. Winner agrees to allow photos/videos to be shared on Spokane News regarding this Promotion. Facebook is not a Sponsor of this Promotion.

First Post Names Drawn:

  1. Karla Mccrea
  2. Krisinda Marshall
  3. Ashley Selock
  4. Diana Plata
  5. Melanie Senn
  6. Jessica Hotchkiss
  7. Jamie Marie
  8. Dani Taylor
  9. Josie Breshears
  10. Bill Myers
  11. Kirstan Opsahl
  12. Michael Reamer
  13. Victoria Langlois
  14. Joy Schmidt
  15. Catherine Crary
  16. Joshua Williams
  17. Pam Meyer
  18. Jay Legere
  19. Candice Curley
  20. Barbra Hammer
  21. Katie Smith
  22. Melissa Seed
  23. Theresa Thompson
  24. Crystal Eccles
  25. Mandy Hammons

Second Post Names Drawn:

  1. Anthony Zander
  2. Lisa Blashill
  3. Christine Dehn
  4. Lisa Grob
  5. Debi Andersen-Banka
  6. Jenn Ferguson
  7. Lucille J Brown
  8. Courtney Michele Jellison
  9. Katie Copher
  10. Jessica Gandy
  11. Sharrin Pree
  12. Kelly Kastella
  13. Lisa Phillips
  14. Todd Hoxsey
  15. Kaycee Drake
  16. Dawn Dennison
  17. Sarah Brown
  18. Robyn Roberts
  19. Ashley Parker
  20. Nicki Febbrini
  21. Erica Whitmarsh
  22. Heather Nichole Gonzalez
  23. Katherine Wasson Dale
  24. Valorie Gaulke
  25. Jade Pritchard

Third Post Names Drawn:

  1. Rachel Pound
  2. Emily Hetnar
  3. Macey Andritz
  4. Missy R. Gilman
  5. Chelsie Brooke Watts-gorey
  6. Mariann Rickerson
  7. Tiffany Abel
  8. Sheila Riley
  9. Lindsey Wilkie
  10. Annette Allman
  11. Cari Plesek
  12. Nicole Gabriel
  13. Anna Parker
  14. Alisha Meyer-longdon
  15. Jessica Juhnke
  16. Debbie Naccarato
  17. Billy Rigsby
  18. Erika Maestas
  19. Yolonnda Cormier
  20. Kevin Wilson
  21. Renai Hudkins
  22. Erica Zipperz
  23. April Kinney
  24. Blake Swigart
  25. Brian Perret

Fourth Post Names Drawn:

  1. Christopher N Stacey Stirk
  2. Angel Roupe
  3. David Jessel
  4. Michele Sweet
  5. Bill Strobeck
  6. Shalyn Stack
  7. Todd Redmond
  8. Leslie Davis
  9. Candice Curley
  10. Taylor Case
  11. Carrie Carson
  12. Deborah Grier Robinson
  13. Celina Howell
  14. Alaina Hull
  15. Hayden Proctor
  16. Janine Mosher
  17. Jessica Fancy
  18. Amy Noel
  19. Siless Long
  20. Karen Walter Corkins
  21. Joshua Hess
  22. Meagen Nearing
  23. Gerald Howard
  24. Melanie Bixby
  25. Amber Rees Renford

Bonus Post Names Drawn:

  1.  Chelsie Burgerson
  2. Sierra Ballard
  3. Tammy Duff
  4. Jonathan Trinidad
  5. Toby Sparks
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