Woman arrested for assault 2nd degree (DV) after stabbing


Woman arrested for assault 2nd degree (DV) after stabbing

Today at 4:15 pm, Spokane Police responded to an apartment building near E 55th Ave and S Freya St for the report of a domestic violence incident involving a weapon.  Upon arrival, officer located the victim who stated a woman, with whom he has a domestic relationship, with had stabbed him in the leg with scissors.  The victim managed to escape the location and was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect, identified as Kate Falagan (31) of Spokane, was located in a nearby apartment and quickly taken into custody by officers without incident.

Falagan was booked into the Spokane County Regional Jail for Assault 2nd degree (DV).

If you or someone you know is involved in a domestic violence situation, please call 911 or Crime Check (509-456-2233) immediately for help.  You can also call the YMCA Domestic Violence Helpline (509-326-CALL) for additional help and resources.

Ben Maplethorpe


Spokane Police Department


Spokane News covered this incident and the original post can be found HERE

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