Woman defends herself against attack near TJ Meenach Bridge


Woman defends herself against attack near TJ Meenach Bridge


On 06-24-18 just before 2:30AM, SPD received a 911 call from an adult female near the TJ Meenach Bridge in Northwest Spokane. The woman reported that an unknown male suspect had accosted her as she walked home. Despite her protests he continued to follow her, and finally held her at gunpoint while attempting to drag her to a secluded location. A physical struggle ensued, and the female was able to get away from the attacker and call for help.

SPD patrol officers arrived in the area within minutes and were able to locate a suspect matching the description provided by the victim. Upon contact with officers, the suspect moved his hand several times towards one of his pockets, ignoring repeated commands to keep his hands visible. Officers were able to gain enough compliance to safely detain the male, and a realistic appearing replica firearm was recovered in the area he had been reaching for.

In the ensuing investigation the victim was interviewed, the scene examined, and evidence collected. The information obtained and evidence collected were consistent with the statement provided by the victim, and yielded probable cause to arrest the male.

28-year-old Atif S. Ado was arrested and booked into jail for Kidnapping 1st Degree, a class ‘A’ felony. There is no indication of any outstanding suspects or involved persons.

This type of attack can make many feel uneasy; we are grateful the woman was successful in defending herself, and the suspect was apprehended. SPD is committed to protecting the public against violent persons willing to victimize others.

A couple tips to maximize safety; use the “buddy system” if possible (walk with a friend or group). If able, avoid secluded areas, especially during the hours of darkness. Trust your instincts; if you feel you’re in a dangerous situation summon assistance as soon as practical.

Incident # 2018-20120583



Officer Nick Briggs | Patrol Team 9/SWAT/Defensive Tactics Instructor/FTO/PIO/Criminal Law instructor |

Spokane Police Department

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