25 Days of Christmas! Win a Gift all 25 Days!


25 Days of Christmas 

Each year Spokane News presents the 25 Days of Christmas. We ask local Businesses to Sponsor a Day and give a gift to a random winner. We begin on December 1st with a random Post on our Facebook Page Spokane News announcing the Day’s Sponsor. To enter that Day, Like the Sponsors Page, Comment on the Post and help spread the word by Sharing the Post. Each Day through the 25th of December has a new Winner! Some Days may even have multiple Winners and you can win more than once! Winners announced weekly then advised of the Time to pick their gift. This weekly announcement means you have more time to enter each Days post. Prizes valued approximately $250!


What do you win?

We have a Beautifully decorated Christmas tree in our Headquarters with wrapped packages underneath it. Each Day’s winner will get to pick a package and claim that Prize. The packages are not marked so you won’t know which Sponsor’s gift you choose until you open it! Winners will choose a gift from one of the previous Days Sponsors.


Become A Sponsor!

We can always use more Sponsors so if you wish to Sponsor a day, please email Jay@Spokane-News.com We add the Sponsor and Link on the Date of their Gift. Check here daily for updates.

December 1st Sp12359705_10205447865378180_340342579_oonsor: Steve’s Drum Shop, 509 362 8664. Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Tina Willet Gavino The package she picked was from Hampton Inn and Suites and included a Hotel Suite stay and misc gifts.




December 2nd Sponsor: Kona Ice of Spokane, 509 939 3396. Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Christine Wood Pearson The package she picked was from A to Z Rentals and included a pair of awesome tickets to Gonzaga Mens Basketball and $50 in cash.



12364328_10205452199246524_374235009_oDecember 3rd Sponsor: A to Z Rental and Sales, 509 924 2000. Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Jennifer Siffing The package she picked was from Kona Ice Spokane and included a Party Package and other items.





December 4th Sponsor: www.Goldbay.com, 509 456 3229. Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Billy Schuster The package he selected was from Chamokane Creek Trading Company and included Coffee baskets, Soaps and Art!



December12359787_10205447865458182_1752449563_o 5th Sponsor: Hampton Inn & Suites – Spokane Valley, 509 928 6900 Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Brad Sheldon The package he picked was from Goldbay and included 5 Oz of Silver, Silver rings, Silver Coins and other Coins.


12355969_10205447865538184_486104591_oDecember 6th Sponsor: Chamokane Creek Trading Company, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: JessiKa Brent The package she picked was from Steve’s Drum Shop and included Drum Lessons, Drum stuff and Christmas clothing.


First 6 Winners Drawn and Announced!
December 7th Sponsor: Simply Clean Spokane, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: (winner did not claim, prize forfeited, new winner added on Dec 25th)


12394412_10205502220817032_429448198_oDecember 8th Sponsor: Uniforms N More 509 928 9920, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Melanie Senn The package she picked was from Simply Clean and included a $200 Gift Certificate to Simply Clean and a $50 Restaurant Gift Card.



12404961_10205502220737030_1143607578_oDecember 9th Sponsor:  Integrity Insurance Solutions, LLC, 509 489 6903, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: David Williams The package he picked was from  Integrity Insurance Solutions, LLC, and included 4 Awesome Tickets to Brad Paisley and a $50 Restaurant Gift Card


December 10th Sponsor: Corefit Inc, 509 993 1941, Link to enter:  HERE

Winner: (winner did not claim, prize forfeited, new winner added Dec 25th)

703505_10205502220577026_1489042150_oDecember 11th Sponsor:  Greater American Construction – Spokane, WA,

509 325 2572, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Audrey Stickney The package she picked was from Uniforms N More and included Gift Certificates to and Movie Passes to several locations.


1419210_10205502220617027_1427759675_oDecember 12th Sponsor: 19ninety, 509 290 6111, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Tanya Bays

The package she picked was from Greater American Construction – Spokane, WA  and included 2 front row tickets to the Book of Mormon on Broadway and a $50 Restaurant Gift Card.

Next 6 Winners Posted! Send us a Message to Claim your Prize! Gift pickup is 7pm 12/14 at 2030 N. Hamilton!

December 13th Sponsor: Avista Utilities, (800) 227 9187, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Laveckia Canady Prize Claimed

December 14th Sponsor: ZipperZ on Garland, 509 315 9033, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Jennifer Hoxsey Prize Claimed

December 15th Sponsor: Affordable Self Storage, 509 928 5410, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Zack Edinger

December 16th Sponsor: Rose Hooton Photography, 509 413 3127, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Chelle Krantz

December 17th Sponsor: Js_Arts, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Misty Bauer LeBret Prize Claimed

December 18th Sponsor: FunFlicks Outdoor Movies of the Inland Northwest, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Angela Bursch Prize Claimed

Next 6 Winners Posted! Send us a Message to Claim your Prize! Gift pickup is 6pm 12/21 at 2030 N. Hamilton!

December 19th Sponsor: Halletts Chocolates, 509 474 0899, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Nancey Rison

December 20th Sponsor: North Town Insurance, 509 326 8583, Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Ron Warner Prize claimed

December 21st Sponsor: Talus Rock Retreat 208 255 8458 Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Charles Tyson Kendrick

December 22nd Sponsor: The Palomino 509 242 8907 Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Emma Ryan Field

December 23rd Sponsor: Lone Wolf Therapies, 509 228 3772 Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Joshua Charles Prize Claimed

December 24th Sponsor:  Mt. Spokane Pediatrics 509 270 0065 Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Danielle Walsborn Taylor

December 25th Sponsor: Spokane News 509 475 2901 Link to enter: HERE

Winner: Trish Tucker

Winner (Dec. 7th): Michelle Weidemann

Winner: (Dec. 10th): Beth Roosma

Extra Winner: Sarah Coney

Extra Winner: Darise Morgan

Final Winners Drawn and Announced (Posted December 25th)


The Fine Print:

Winners must claim their prize and pick it up within 7 days from winning. Message us on Facebook. All Prizes not claimed will be added to the December 25th Drawing (prizes not claimed for the 25th Day drawing are forfeited on 12/31). Winner must have ID to claim their prize and it has to match their winning FB Name. Using multiple fake accounts will not help you win. This promotion is not sponsored by Facebook. All prizes must be claimed at 2030 N. Hamilton, Spokane WA 99207. Sponsors and volunteers with Spokane News are not eligible to win any Prize during this Promotion. All Sponsor donated the prizes to Spokane News to giveaway to random winners. All winners will be verified to have entered the promotion correctly. Winners can win more then one day as long as winner enters the promotional Day correctly. All winners will have their photograph taken and may be added to our promotional material.  Dates will be available for the winner to select their Prize. Prize selection order goes by the date of winner selection. Any further questions can be emailed to info@Spokane-News.com

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