Super Bowl 50″ Smart TV Promotion


50 Years of the NFL Super Bowl we have our Super Bowl 50″ Promotion! (1) Winner will Win a 50″ Smart TV, $75 in Pizza plus Chips, Beverages and Snacks as shown! 2nd Place Wins $50 in Pizza, Beverages and Snacks, 3rd Place Wins $25 in Pizza! To Enter Like our Sponsors Pages: Mt. Spokane PediatricsAvista Utilities, Total Security Inc. , and Pizza Rita!

New post every Sunday with 20 names drawn and added to the final drawing list of 60 names! Enter 1/17, 1/24 and 1/31. Drawing held Feb 3rd at 8pm! Drawn names are posted below! Winner will be verified to have completed all steps to enter. Failure to do so will disqualify the winner and another winner will be chosen. Please be sure to Like all the Sponsor Pages.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Live Drawing!! The winners were draw in order of 3, 2 and Grand Prize! We also added 2 Runner Ups in the event someone from the top 3 did not enter correctly. Winners will be verified that they entered correctly. If you are a winner please send us a message on Facebook or email to claim your prize. Any Prize not claimed by Friday 2-5-16 Winner be given to a runner up winner! ~Jay



Grand Prize Winner: Jnk Thurman

2nd Place Winner: John Gallagher

3rd Place Winner: Shannon Rushing


Runner Up’s (Prized Awarded if not claimed by 1-3 or 1-3 did not enter correctly)

1st Runner Up: Jeremy Lilly

2nd Runner Up: Mike Bigchief Zimmerman

Thanks everyone and Thank You Sponsors for Making this Happen!



January 17th 20 Names added to the final drawing:

  1. Nicole Banko
  2. Ed Carlson
  3. Tracy Brown
  4. Jeff White
  5. Val Wise
  6. Geana Bush
  7. Kelsy Bonds
  8. Matt Hansen
  9. Misty Hallmark
  10. Sheila Bechtel
  11. Elise Wilson
  12. Francisco Guerena
  13. Jenifer Griffin
  14. Tara Semler
  15. Jimmy Burger
  16. Katelin Quezada
  17. Alex Prentice
  18. Gia Weigel
  19. Stephanie L. Tamosaitis
  20. Carol Fuechsel

January 24th 20 Names added to the final Drawing:

  1. Melisa Ehrgott
  2. Julie Lancon-campos
  3. Lisa Floate Heimbigner
  4. James Shyne Roundstone
  5. Janice Waters
  6. Erin Gutbrod
  7. Sunshine Nicole Hill
  8. Jeremy Lilly
  9. John Gallagher
  10. Amberle King
  11. Darcy Hill
  12. Andrew Sumner
  13. Jamie Elliott
  14. Mike Bigchief Zimmerman
  15. Sean Thompson
  16. June Garmon
  17. Ty Carney
  18. Brittini StClair
  19. Taylor Case
  20. Kathy Compton

Final 20 Names

  1. Jordan Wiedmer
  2. Mac Preston
  3. Amanda Burnett
  4. Matthew Main
  5. Shawn Johnson
  6. Jnk Thurman
  7. Olga Melnikov
  8. Joshua Smeby
  9. Sarah Thew
  10. Brendan Flynn
  11. Sherri Leonard
  12. Darci Kathleen Mooneyham
  13. Sandy White
  14. Jason Dean
  15. Anna Jacqueline Warren
  16. Shannon Rushing
  17. Krista Collins
  18. Trevion Holmes
  19. Elizabeth Martinez
  20. Alysha Fresquez

Drawing held Feb 3rd at 8pm! You do NOT have to be present to win, but if you are here for the drawing you can take your prize when you win! Also the Winners will be verified to have followed the rules to enter this promotion. Be sure and have Liked our Sponsors. You will need ID to claim your prize.

Location of drawing is Spokane News Headquarters, 2030 N. Hamilton.

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