Bombing suspect arrested within 2 minutes


Spokane Police quickly locate and arrest the suspect that set off a bomb in the middle of a residential street in a Northeast Spokane Neighborhood, due to the keen eye of several residents who called 911.

At about 4 pm on Sunday afternoon, Spokane Police received several calls reporting a loud explosion in the 1700 block of east Rockwell. Prior to the explosion, a male wearing a mask and carrying a shop-vac was seen walking down the street. A few seconds later the same male was seen running towards the direction he came and then a loud explosion was heard. Parts of the shop-vac went in all directions and damaged at least 3 cars parked along the street. Evidence of the explosion was found up to about 75’ away.

Officer’s happened to be very close by when the call came out and the witnesses gave great descriptions of the suspect and where he was last seen jumping a fence. The first officer on scene had him in custody within about 2 minutes of being dispatched.

18 year-old Titan A. Bennett was arrested and booked into jail for the felony crime of Malicious Explosion of a Substance – 2nd degree.

The crime scene was processed by SPD members of the Explosive Disposal Unit.

It’s unknown at this time if fireworks were involved in the making of this bomb but this is a great reminder that with the upcoming 4th of July holiday, fireworks are illegal in the City of Spokane. Luckily nobody was injured but this very easily could have caused major injuries or killed somebody. Please be safe so nobody loses any body parts by surprise!

Ofc. Craig Hamilton 713
Spokane Police Department

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