City of Spokane Child Luring Incident


This incident occurred in the area of 2800 W 7th, City of Spokane, Spokane WA at approx. 0815 hrs. today (050517).

The middle school age female was walking from her apartment to the school bus stop down the street when a male in a vehicle pulled up alongside of her as she walked on the sidewalk. The victim said the driver/sole occupant of the vehicle had the driver’s window down and he asked her if she wanted a ride. The victim told him “No” and continued to walk toward the bus stop. The driver continued to follow the victim and asked her at least 3-4 more times if she wanted a ride. When the victim did not respond, the driver opened his driver door and demanded the victim get in his car by stating, “Get in the damn car!”

The victim continued walking, got out her cell phone and the male closed his door and drove away.

The suspect vehicle is described as an older, boxy, dirty 4 door sedan, black in color, with a scratch on the left front panel near the driver’s door. The interior is tan or grey in color and clean inside. There was a pack of cigarettes on the dashboard. The car did not have any stickers, tint or loud exhaust.

The driver/suspect was described as a white male, late 30s to mid-40s, medium weight, approx. 5’7-5’8”, short, grey receding hair, no facial hair, no glasses or piercings, a deep voice, a watch on his left wrist, wearing a grey shirt under a black hoodie and light denim jeans. The victim described his clothing as “old or dirty”.

Officers checked the area extensively and did not locate the suspect. If you have any information on who this suspect may be please call crime check at 509-456-2233.

Kyle Yrigollen | Patrol | Spokane Police Department

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