Closure of Porcupine Bay Campground and Boat Launch at Lake Roosevelt


Closure of Porcupine Bay Campground, Day-Use, and Boat Launch at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

Coulee Dam, WA —Beginning at 12:01 am April 24, 2017, and remaining until further notice, the Superintendent has closed all federal land located within the Porcupine Bay Campground and Boat Launch area under the authority granted by 36 CFR §1.5. This closure is due to a landslide of the access road that took place on April 2, 2017 which prevents all vehicle access to the campground and associated area. This closure includes all vehicle, horse, and foot traffic, as well as all shoreline access encompassing all federal land Porcupine Bay Campground and Boat Launch from the park boundary to the waterline.

Heavy spring rains have greatly impacted northeastern Washington this year causing landslides and washing out roads and bridges. Local and State Departments of Transportation are working to make repairs as safely and quickly as possible, however, hillside stabilization projects like the Porcupine Bay Road project can take months. Plan your route carefully and be prepared for any changes that may occur.

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