Felony Indecent Exposure Suspect Spits in Deputy’s Face


Suspect Arrested for Felony Indecent Exposure Spits in Deputy’s Face  

Spokane Valley Deputies arrested 43 year-old James S. Huber for Indecent Exposure last Saturday morning.  During his arrest, Huber began to resist and spit in the face of a Deputy.  Since Huber has a previous Indecent Exposure conviction, he was charged with Felony Indecent Exposure and Assault 3rd Degree.       


On August 19, 2017, at approximately 9:50 a.m., Spokane Valley Deputies responded to the area of Mansfield and Mirabeau Parkway to investigate a report of a male exposing himself to a female while masturbating in front of her.

The victim stated she was walking her dog when she heard a noise.  She noticed a bald male with a large build and only wearing a pair of shorts standing by a tree staring at her.  As she moved away, the male dropped his shorts exposing himself and began masturbating.

Deputy Melton and Deputy Vucinich arrived in the area and located a male (6’02”, 240lbs) matching the description given by the victim.  The male, later identified as Huber, was lying on a sleeping bag which partially covered him and his shorts were unzipped.  Huber was immediately confrontational, refused to answer questions when contacted by the deputies and began telling them to leave.  Huber eventually identified himself but denied exposing himself.  He remained belligerent, cussed at the deputies, and continued to tell them to leave.

While dispatchers confirmed the description of the suspect with the victim, additional deputies arrived to assist.  Huber, who was still sitting on the ground, was advised he was under arrest for indecent exposure and told to place his hands behind his back.  Huber complied but as deputies began to handcuff him, Huber tensed and attempted to straighten his left arm while spinning his right arm in front of him.  Deputies gained control of Huber and applied handcuffs.  Huber continued to resist by throwing his head back toward a deputy’s face.  Huber eventually agreed to stop resisting and was helped to his feet.  While walking toward the patrol cars, Huber continued to argue and suddenly turned toward Deputy Melton and spit in his face.  A spit hood (a mesh hood) was placed on Huber to prevent further attempts to spit on deputies.

The victim immediately identified Huber as the person who exposed himself.

Due to a previous conviction for indecent exposure, Huber was booked into the Spokane County Jail for felonies of Indecent Exposure and Assault 3rdDegree.

Deputy Mark Gregory

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Spokane Valley Police Department
Public Information Officer

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